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Praise from the Press

“Director Karl Middleman allows the fun to spill over into the concerts, and his players make quite a raucous, joyous noise.”
Philadelphia City Paper

“Karl Middleman is a musician with fiercely scrupulous musical standards and the orchestra which he has brought together offers a thrilling display of energy… This was concertizing that is purposeful, vivid and hugely satisfying.”
The Turkish Times

“Karl Middleman, and his Philadelphia Classical Symphony,  managed to produce an event that was consistently entertaining and gimmick free…”
PhiladelphiaCity Paper

“I wish Beethoven could have been there. He would have been the first to leap to his feet for those standing ovations.”
Prof. Owen Jander, Beethoven scholar

Best of Philly
Philadelphia Magazine

“Conductor Karl Middleman’s forces preserved the exuberance of a work that seems to know no limits of imagination… The orchestra attacked the music with the gusto that gave an edge to almost every scene.”
The Philadelphia Inquirer

Praise from Musicians

“The concert was unforgettable. Maestro Middleman led us in an experience of Beethoven that was not only educational but spiritual and emotional as well. In fact, we were all so moved by the performance we were reluctant to leave the auditorium after the concert was over! Having been a freelance musician for many years, I can tell you that this king of thing very seldom happens.”
Jaqueline Watson, viola

“This concert was without a doubt one of the highlights of my musical career as a violinist. As a founder and player in quartet programs for school children, I have used some of Karl Middleman’s observations in my own teaching – observations most helpful in bringing “classical” composers to life.”
Barbara Murray, violin

“What was truly remarkable was how, during the rehearsals, the assembled musicians began to express unanimity of purpose, devotion to the highest musical values, and spiritual focus under the direction of Karl Middleman. Certain concepts about phrasing, rhythms, dynamic contrast and other musical essentials, which were introduced during these rehearsals, have stayed with me and deepened my understanding of all music.”
Carolyn Ellman, cello

“The experience was like hearing Beethoven for the first time.”
Talia Schiff, cello