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2008-2009 Concert Season
Generals Eclectic
Oct. 31, 2008
Americans in Paris
March 20, 2009

American Mosaics II
May 8, 2009

235 South Camac St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Generals Eclectic
Music that turned Paris on its ear!

The musicians of 18th Century Mannheim were so virtuosic that music historian Charles Burney dubbed them ?generals.? We?re fortunate to welcome three modern-day ?generals? of our own for an evening of challenging masterworks by five of the era?s leading composers ? including the Afro-French pioneer known as ?The Black Mozart.? Come hear the music that turned Europe on its ear.?
Americans in Paris, and All That Jazz
A freewheeling musical tour
Take a trip to an era of sophistication, style, and the conspicuous overstepping of social boundaries. You may never want to return.
American Mosaics II
Colorful stories of a great nation
Explore the remarkable flowering of American music ? North, South, native, and immigrant. American Mosaics II will take you all the way from the bristling energy of Curt Cacioppo?s Lenape Refrains, in its world premiere, to the jazzy swing of Aaron Copland?s Clarinet Concerto, featuring the dazzling clarinetist David Krakauer in his Classical Symphony debut.
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