Trichotomy: Known-Unknown

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

LABELS: Challenge Records
ALBUM TITLE: Trichotomy
WORKS: Known-Unknown
PERFORMER: Sean Foran (piano), John Parker (drums & percussion), Samuel Vincent (bass)


Having included guest musicians on some previous releases, this highly regarded Australian trio rings the changes again: new label, new bassist and the introduction of live electronic manipulation. The title references the fact that some of the tunes were devised specially for the recordings, while others had been extensively road-tested… that, and the fluid relationship between written material and improvisation.

The trio operates as a partnership of equals, not as pianist and accompaniment. The electronic effects are integrated in the same spirit, with each member exploiting them. Their use is sparing and enhances the acoustic instruments rather than distracting attention. The compositions supply Trichotomy’s usual range of ear-worm riffs, dancing melodies, insistent rhythms and satisfying harmonies, with the added element of unusual textures via electronics. Relative newcomer Vincent is a strong voice, producing some tasty arco work and agile pizzicato.


Barry Witherden