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Sergei Rachmaninov
On the 150th anniversary of the composer’s birth, today’s performers explain his genius to Andrew Green

East meets west
The Clarion Choir is marking Rachmaninov 150 by recording all his choral works, discovers Charlotte Smith

Compulsively driven
Steve Wright on the unlikely obsessions of the great composers, from trainspotting to a morbid fear of the number 23

Call of the Nile
Claire Jackson explores how Egypt and its rich history have inspired a wealth of music across the centuries

An orchestral odyssey
A dazzling new animated film introducing the orchestra has caught the eyes and ears of Tom Stewart

Musical destinations
Charlotte Smith heads for the musical peaks of Gstaad

Composer of the Month
Forging his own technique and tackling tough subjects have earned Steve Reich cult status, says Claire Jackson

Building a Library
Daniel Jaffé on Rachmaninov’s All-Night Vigil (Vespers)

Music that Changed Me
Pianist Leslie Howard